Post '85 Wheel Arch Liners Retrofit

A useful update that come with the facelifted models in 1985 to 1989 was the front wheel arches were lined with a plastic cover like modern cars. This protects the top of the wing, the rear of the arch were the sill ends can rot and the behind the headlamps.

These can be fitted easily to earlier cars though. The panels and the associated rubber trim needed are still available from Mercedes. Part numbers A1078840335 (left), A1078840435 (right), and a rubber seal for each side: A1078840198.

Several holes need to be drilled in the inner wing for it to be attached. I then used self-tappers with large washers to secure it to the wing. Caution must be made when drilling these holes - some are sited just were there are wires behind, so drill carefully. Treat these new holes before screwing the trim into place. I found it easier to do these with the wings off, but if they were in place, you could still fit them. Ensure the rubber trim is sealed correctly onto the outer wing afterwards.

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